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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Weight Loss and Running

These two things don't always go together...

I have been up and down in my weight loss since I started my training plan. I have cursed the scale, I have been elated, only to be let down the week after by a big gain again. I have found it very difficult to manage intake with usage and many days find myself starving and wanting to eat my own arm. Imagine my relief when John Bingham talks frequently about how you need to concentrate on one or the other and that it will lead to frustration if you try to focus on both. It only took reading it a gazillion times for it to sink in!!

This Dear John is a perfect example. So for now I know I need to concentrate on my running and not stress so much about the food. Am I going to give up completely? Heck no, but I'm not going to stress so much about the number on the scale and take cues from my body and try to make it happier. I'm still going to make sure my diet is well balanced and not go overboard, but my priority right now is the training runs and the marathon looming over my head on November 15th.

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~Tammy said...

I've not seen a lot of runners that carry around extra weight! You keep the running up and eventually your fuel intake requirements will level out and the weight will fall off. I'm sure of it, hon. Give it time and know as long as you're fueling up with dense foods you'll see the weight start to fall off.

I'm not educated in any way shape or form about what to eat for fueling a working body other than what I learned when I was in my best shape ever.... days long gone and mental state no longer in place, but I remember that much.

Big hugs to you!

Again and as always, I'm sooooo very proud of you. Actually, these words don't come any where near touching how proud I am of you.

Keep up the great work, hon! I'm rooting for you.