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Saturday, March 6, 2010

A quick Sacfit Saturday post!

I ran 9 miles today with the group! It went well until mile 7 and I had some issues - but I did finish, just had to make pit stops that I don't normally have to make due to some medication I'm on right now. Not to be the TMI person, but I believe in full disclosure! LOL!! Next week will be a step back week I believe so I have less miles to look forward to next week!

On another note - I have some posts that have been running around in my head that I hope to get out in the blog world soon - I used to at least post my running and my weight in, but with maintenance I feel weird just posting that I'm still within my goal weight every week. Oh and as of today I have maintained my weight loss for 3 months!


Ida said...

3 months? THAT IS AWESOME!!! You have done such a good job, I know that everyone you know is amazingly proud of you!

Jessica said...

Woo! Go girl! 3 months is awesome!

~Tammy said...

Congratulations that you pushed through!

Huge congrats to the 3 month maintenance! YAAAAAA YOU!