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Sunday, March 7, 2010

A little linky Motivation for Sunday!

This quote keeps popping up in my life and I love it so much! Last night at a motivational event I attended this video was the first thing that they played befor the event started - tears fell and I knew the night was going to be special.

Our Deepest Fear

I have to give you the link since it doesn't allow embedding, but I hoping you will link over and watch it.

The rest of the night was amazing and has left me with a LOT to think about - the highlight of the night? Listening to a woman who had completed an Ironman Triathlon and then it turns out she is good friends with one of the group I was sitting with and I got to sit next to her and talk to her about my training! She is local (trains in the same pool I train in!) and will be out there the day I run my first Sprint Tri! Can you tell I'm starstruck!?! She started out just like me! Did some Sprint Tris, and then Olympic tris and then on to half Ironman Tris and then to the big one! She didn't know how to swim when she started her training - she started diving to the bottom of the pool at the gym grabbing rings and slowly learned to swim. What an inspiration!!


Minnesota Mami said...

I've seen that movie, but I had forgotten the quote! I'm gonna have to get that written down for motivation and reminder to myself! Thanks for sharing. Good for you on getting the 1/2 mile swim done! I'd like to do a sprint tri someday!

Christina said...

That's very exciting you got to sit by a triatlete and learn about her and her training. And that is the exciting thing is she is really no different than us.

Keep up the great work!