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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sacfit Saturday!

It was a beautiful day for a run! We did 5 miles - which I did in 1:02 and felt so great - then I walked out the other way to find some friends and my hubby. They were doing more miles than we did for some reason. After everyone got back me and my gang of Biker chicks went out on a ride to get me comfortable with the trail. We did 11 miles in almost an hour and it was great! Just started getting tired on the way back, but most of the ride was into the wind. Even on the way back it seemed like the wind shifted and we got some more of it! I did a total of 18.8 miles today!

Here are the biker chicks! Joanna (the one without the bike helmet) ended up not going - wasn't feeling 100% - but the rest of us had a blast and I really felt comfortable out there! Please excuse the bike shorts over the running tights - like I said it was windy and I only have bike shorts. That is me in the green on the right hand side. I ran 5 miles, but Glenda and Sarah went out on the bike with me after running 8 miles! Oh and Sarah is running a half-marathon tomorrow! We are so hardcore!


Jessica said...

Sweet! Maybe next time I can join you guys! I really need to get more time on my new bike!

BEE said...

great job
i could never do what you guys did yesterday