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Sunday, March 14, 2010

A good day for another ride!

I was so tired last night I think I was in bed around 8PM! I woke up feeling horrible for some reason - and I woke up later than I wanted because I didn't set the clock forward and kept thinking I had plenty of time. I didn't. I stumbled around the house for a bit, decided not to go to my WW meeting because I still didn't feel well and ate some breakfast and had some coffee. I was starting to feel human again and the urge hit me. I want to go for another ride! I threw on my bike stuff, got the ride ready and drove out to the trail headed for Old Sacramento (and Raley field where the finish of the Shamrockin' half marathon is) I called my friends Holly and Jen and they were just leaving Raley field - so they walked back to see me and I saw a few more sacfitters out there and then I met my Older son, Matt and his finace Jess in Old Sacramento and started the trip back to my car. The result was a 22 mile bike ride! It was so nice being with myself and my thoughts on the way out there and it was very nice having company on the way back. What a great way to spend a Sunday!

Oh and a note on the Tri-Training - The bike portion is 16 miles - I know I can ride 16 miles now!


Jessica said...

Woo! It was a great day for a ride, that's for sure!

~Tammy said...

You amaze me more and more every day.

When I was typing the second 'more', I actually typed 'mover'. That's what you are now, a mover.

Minnesota Mami said...

I've done the running leg (10K) of a triathalon as part of a team many years ago when I was less overweight and in better shape. Now that I'm journeying BACK to fitness, I look forward to the opportunity to do a full triathalon (sprint level) myself...I've got a 5K I'm doing in a couple months. Maybe I'll be ready for a triathalon by fall!

Holly @ Making Over Me