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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sacfit Saturday!

The dream - We ran 8 miles today - it was glorious!

The reality - we ran 8 miles and it rained on us almost the entire time! Did I say rained - oh I meant POURED! There was a short section when we were about 2 miles from finishing where it stopped raining and I made the mistake of taking off my jacket because I was getting warm, but then of course the sky opened up again and it was too much trouble to get the soaking wet jacket back on over my now soaking wet shirt so I just dealt with it.

My wonderful hubby was waiting at the finish with a skinny vanilla latte - which is big for two reasons - 1. he couldn't run today because we didn't have a sitter so he could have just stayed home in the warm house and 2. he had to go into a coffee shop and order a skinny vanilla latte - a guy who orders coffee - nothing fancy!

And then the kicker for the day - I forgot how quickly you cool down in the rain, so I waited too long to stretch and when I did I overstretched my left leg and now it is sore. I'm sure it will get better quickly, but there is always that nagging voice in my head that says "what if it doesn't - what if it gets worse - what if you can't run next week dummy!" I really need to find a way to shut that voice up! LOL!! I will go back and watch my Friday motivation again...


Jessica said...

Great job! 8 miles is pretty crazy...I will be there soon. I still can't believe I made it 6.2!

Ewa said...

What a sweet hubby you have!
As for your sore leg think good thoughts. You know the 'power of persuasion' thing. Be positive. Now while I know how to give advice, I myself don't know how to apply it. I am working on it though.
We had some nasty rain in Bay Area overnight. I guess a few hours later you guys got whatever was left in those clouds.

~Tammy said...

8 miles is awesome!! Yaaa you. I did my long run on Saturday, although not quite as long as yours and my run was a wet one too.

Your hubby is a doll! A starbucks at the end of a run is a small slice of heaven if I ever.

Hope the sore leg is nothing more than a bit of tenderness that goes away sooner rather than later.

Minnesota Mami said...

Hi Bre! I saw that you shared your 'post workout glow' on Prior Fat Girl today (my pic is up there too!) and I linked over to your blog. Wow what an inspiration you are! In fact, I see that you have reached many goals I have just began my journey towards! I am striving to lose 100 pounds...20 of which are now gone...and just two days ago started training for my first 5K! It is tough work, but seeing success stories like yours spurs me on! I'll definitely be back, and I'd love for you to check out my blog and journey too!

Holly @ Making Over Me