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Monday, March 29, 2010

A very busy (and point heavy) Sunday!

So first was my Weight Watchers meeting - it was very good - we talked about having a buddy in our weight loss journey. My buddy is my wonderful supportive husband - I only hope I can be as supportive as he has been and help him lose the rest of the weight he wants to. I also got a cute little gift from a lady in my meeting - she is one of the "knitters" - hey you have nicknames for people in your meeting right? She brought it to me and thanked me for being such an inspiration to her! I was so honored! Sometimes it still shocks me that people will say something like that to me. But I love it and it is going to take an honored place on my purse!I then hit the trail for a bike ride - I had planned on setting out and turning around at 45 minutes - but I felt pretty good and it was so beautiful so I turned at 60 minutes. I ended up doing 24.2 miles in a little less than 2 hours. I hit the 16 mile mark (required mileage for the tri) at 1:15 - which is 5 minutes faster than last ride - I'm very happy with that!

Then we decided the family should go out and have a little fun and run a couple of errands - Sunday was the day I could upgrade my phone and I have been counting down the days - I am the proud (obsessed) owner of an Iphone! We ate at Chevy's and then spent the time getting my phone and then ate dessert at Coldstone. I had a 70 point food day - but you heard me right - I know I had a 70 point food day - it is all tracked and accounted for! Thankfully it is the beginning of my week so basically I just need to be careful the rest of the week as I have used all my flex points my first day.

And lastly - I added yet another after pic to the side of my blog ------> This was taken for a very special project that I can't talk about yet, but will very soon!


~Tammy said...

I love the shoes! They are too cute.

Great job on the ride and counting out the 70 points of food. Some days are just like that and very much worth it.

Have fun with the iphone.

mak'n Changes said...

You look PHENOMENAL! So proud of you!

Syl said...

love the key chain and you look amazing!

Anonymous said...

70 points, lol. Craziness!

Congrats on the phone. I don't have a cell phone and it KILLS my kids. My theory is that I'm always next to a land line, and if I'm not, I'm unavailable and that is OKAY. LOL

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