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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Challenges for the week!

I have some challenges for myself this week!

1 - I will not weigh myself this week at home - I have been stepping on the scale everyday for too long and I need to stop because basically my mood for the day is dictated by the number I see in the morning and I have to stop obsessing about it NOW!

2 - I will try something new this week in the fruit and vegetable category - I was challenged by my leader today to try something new and I already have tried one thing - Jicama - it was pretty good, it added some nice texture to my salad. I have some dried dates that I bought some time ago to add to a granola bar recipe and then lost the recipe, so I thought I would make little portion controlled baggies and try those as well!

3 - I will get at least 4 days of workouts in this week. I had to take a break due to the virus, but I think I'm strong enough to resume my workouts at least 4 days this week.


Anonymous said...

Go you! I need to set some goals for myself too! You are such an inspiration you have no idea! I wish I wasn't so darn lazy all the time! Maybe I can come do a run with you tomorrow, let me know what time and place.

Rozette said...

I like your goals. What is Jicama? Do you peel it?

Fluffy in Seabrook