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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weigh in Day!

So today I woke up early (like I always do now - I'm just a morning person now I guess!). I was sitting here on the computer and I thought to my self - "Self - you could totally ride your bike to Weight Watchers this morning!" So I check out map my ride and see how far it is and it is just over 6 miles and I'm thinking I can totally do this. I need to eat a little something though and it is already HOT here so I know I have to drink water on the way - but I already know I'm going to have a gain, so what better day to do it?? I wake up hubby and tell him of my plan and he checks out my bike and makes sure the tires are good and off I go! It ends up being a little over 6.5 miles and takes me just a little over half an hour - I wasn't nervous about riding the distance - I was worried about the traffic, but that time of the morning it isn't bad. My wonderful hubby picked me up after the meeting since I thought 12+ miles would have been too ambitious and the traffic is worse after the meeting and it had only gotten hotter while I was in the meeting!

So my weigh in? I'm up .4 - I'm so totally OK with that - consider the fact that I tracked every point I ate this week and the dinner we had on Wednesday used all my remaining flex points AND all my earned activity points and I had a big fat RED negative number for the week and didn't get rid of the negative number until after my run on Saturday and on Thursday I was up over 3 pounds. I think this is the first gain I have ever had that I was 100% OK with and I know the reason for it and I'm not looking back - I'm looking forward!


Anonymous said...

""Way To Go"" I remember when it was a chore to go to the garage to look at the bike. Love Ya.

Papa and Granny

mak'n Changes said...

Thats great! You rode your bike! So do you think you'll do it again? Bre you are doing such a great job with your running and weight loss. I'm so proud of you!!!


Ida said...

Way to go girlfriend! That is so awesome to ride your bike to WW. You are looking totally great, too!!

~Tammy said...

I love you!

You and your positive attitude is just what I need today. Between you and Krista, I'm going to get this done!

You are incredible and amazing. I'm so proud of you! Keep up the amazing transformation! You rock!