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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The all mighty Wii....

So the Wii says I'm up another .7 this morning for a total gain from the weekend at 4 pounds. I know it will come back off - I will not let it stay with me, the question is how long will this extra baggage be with me? I just need to get by butt back in gear. I stopped by the grocery store on the way home so now we have food in the house and I can make a healthy lunch (yesterday since we had no food I had to grab lunch and ended up at McDonalds (made a good choice while there - but could have went somewhere else and made a better choice). I'm thinking it is also time to tweak my workout schedule - I ususally run after work, but the temps here have been approaching 100 and I'm worried about the heat. I may have to put my treadmill to use more which I don't mind so much, I just prefer to run outside.


~Tammy said...

The temps in my neck of the woods are such that I can run on the street, but I just prefer to run on a treadmill. :)

Funny that you didn't know I play ball. I've played for over 15 years. I'm not at all talented anymore which is unfortunate, but thems the breaks.

Anonymous said...

You can't run in the 100 degree temps? Is that too hot?

treadmills are annoying but you gotta do what you gotta do. The weight will come off in the next week or so. Just give yourself the space to let some of that sodium go!! You've done it before and you'll do it again...a gain is not a gain until you let it stay that way.

Anonymous said...

How is your wii so accurate? Mine says I am 20lbs lighter, which would be nice, but isn't true! Matt went on it and it said he weighed 98lbs!!! LOL


Rozette said...

It is getting real hot here so I am running on the treadmill. The funny thing is that I hate running on the track because I just go round and round. However, I don't mind the treadmill...where I run in place. Go figure.

Fluffy from Seabrook

jinxxxygirl said...

Summer heat always throws me out of whack.......I do my best when i run right after work which is about 2pm. Last summer i either forced myself to run on the treadmill at home right after work or stuck it out and waited until like 8pm to run. The problem i ran into is i get up at 3am work by 5am, by 8pm i;m pretty burned out and winding down so the longer i wait the higher the possibility i wouldn't go run....that i'd talk myself out of it.
Well this year i joined a gym. Glorious 'cranked' up air condition , plenty of state of the art treadmills with built in TV's. LOL! I do have a question thats been nagging me though . Maybe my runner friend can answer it if i can elplain it well enough.....Okay..Now, temps above 85 about kill me running. Guess i'm just a wuss but i can really tell the difference in my i run slower....and not as far without having to take a walk break at some point. Now my question is which is better.....running like that or running on the treadmill in the cool where i can put out maximum effort. Which one will burn more calories??I'm wondering that because the treadmill is not suppose to be as hard of a work out on your body as running on the road cause you have no resistance form the road or wind etc....But if i can run longer and harder on the treadmill right now cause of the heat does that negatate that lack of resistance.......simply put which one will i burn more calories at over the summer....brave the heat or perform better inside????Jinx!