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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday Summary!

So today I had a wonderful run - 5 miles - and it was the first first run since the parkway half that has felt good! I don't think I gave my body enough time to recover and then of course I did that strength training class on top of that so the past few runs have felt "awkward and not quite right" I don't know how else to explain it. I have new shoes and new insoles and I felt great today - I think my old shoes still have miles left in them, but the insoles don't.

I put on my new Nike shirt and shorts today and had hubby take a picture of me - you can see it on my sidebar over there -----> I love those shirts, they are super soft and the new one is the most amazing shade of purple and the matching shorts are so comfy and the don't ride up! It is my very first matching running outfit!

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home from the trail and picked up the ingredients for the zucchini lasagna that Angie had on her blog - we cooked it up and it will be my dinner tomorrow night as well as my lunches for the rest of the work week! I can't wait to try it!

The rest of the weekend will be busy packing for the Jazz festival next weekend and making sure I have snacks and everything I will need to make it a fun trip, but not stressful food wise. I don't mind splurging a bit, but not at every meal, so we have requested a fridge for the hotel room and plan on bringing snacks, breakfast (hubby's famous pumpkin bread with Better than PB) and 100 calorie bottles of chocolate milk for after my two runs I plan on getting in while there! Jazz fest is a big deal for us - hubby is a musician with Ophir Prison Band and it is a great holiday weekend for us every year!

I will update tomorrow morning with my weigh in (which I am expecting to be up and I'm OK with that since I splurged on Wednesday and dug myself a very big hole hat I didn't get out of until after the run today) - but there will be no weigh in next weekend. I will have the laptop though and might update after my runs - I will see how things go!


mak'n Changes said...

Just look at you Bre!! Just look at you! I am way proud of you! Love the jogging outfit too! You look amazing girl! way to go!


jinxxxygirl said...

Bre you remind me of .....well of me! Planning ahead like that. You are doing so good!! Love you new outfit! I keep looking for sleeveless shirts with arm holes that are small enough not to show 'everything' . I'm finding them difficult to find. All the ones i find have these huge arm holes! I find i like to run sleeveless this time of year arm flab and all. LOL! Jinx!