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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stop putting off the post will you??

So we came home from the Jazz fest late Monday afternoon and I have started this post several times, but never hit "publish". Things did not go exactly how I had planned them - and I kept telling my self "no guilt" but I have yet to convince myself of that...

First I didn't run at all - we did sooo much walking though - hubby was wearing a pedometer and here are the mileage counts if 2000 steps = one mile

10 miles on Friday
8 miles on Saturday
6.5 miles on Sunday
6 miles on Monday

Secondly my food choices were horrible - we ate fried, cheesy, chocolaty and even walked 2.4 miles round trip to go to a place late one night that had nothing but desserts....

My breakfast bread I took with me? Well there was no microwave and cold pumpkin bread with peanut butter on it tasted horrible. We did pretty much only stick to two meals, but of course that left my metabolism doing lord knows what and my water intake was almost non-existent due to downtown's ban on any sports bottles I couldn't carry my water bottle with me (cracking down on alcohol laws).

So the Wii says I'm up around 3 pounds and I know I can take it off, I just don't know how quickly I can take it off. I think some of it should come off pretty quickly as soon as I balance out the water and get rid of the extra salt I'm holding onto.

So again I'm sitting here telling myself - no guilt - you make the decision to have a great time, enjoy yourself and not worry about it. Now to just make myself believe it and get my butt back in gear and get the extra back off!


~Tammy said...

Sounds like you had a great time. It is so hard sometimes to balance a busy life with a healthy lifestyle. Hopefully all the walking you did will offset the chocolately goodness you ingested. See what I notice most chocolate.

Glad you're home. I missed your posts.

mak'n Changes said...

Don't worry kiddo! Its only 3lbs and it will come off cause we all know u r gonna be out there running your booty off again. Don't worry.

Rozette said...

You had fun and you are managing your weight. You see the 3 lbs and are ready to take action. For years, I didn't "see" the weight coming on so I didn't do anything about. Good for you for being proactive.

Hugs from Fluffy

jinxxxygirl said...

If i 'planned'to run while at the fest and then i didn't i'd be having trouble with guilt too. Did you 'plan' to eat that way too??As long as you planned it then that would be fine. Its the 'impulse' i refuse to give into anymore.But really either way girl you just gotta let it go and get back on it.Ofcourse you can take it off. But don't you just hate relosing pounds you've already lost.??I know i do. Often that loathing helps keep me in check. :)
Look for ways to burn extra calories this week. You know make extra effort to take the stairs when you can, park the car way out in the parking lot, stroll the mall for a while....etc....every little bit helps it doesn't necessarily have to be a work out. Jinx!