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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Strength Training? Really??

So the last week or so I have really been thinking about strength training - a lot! I ran by my parents house to give my mom her mothers day present this morning and my dad brought it up out of the blue and the lo and behold the topic of the meeting today was metabolism and how strength training can help speed it up. OK I get it - I only have to be hit in the head with an idea so many times before I get the hint...

Like everything else with weight watchers I have done one thing for a while until I'm confident I have set a routine that is stable and then I add in another - I did the food part of WW a long time before I added in water and then I stayed with that before I added any exercise, and now I have been doing the cardio part of the exercise for a while I think it is time to add in some weights.

Have I mentioned I hate weights? I have tried free weights, I have tried the big bulky machines and that lasts for about week (or maybe less...) and I hate it. I like the way it makes me feel stronger, but I hate weights...

I'm going to try a group strength training class at my gym - I'm excited, but also a little nervous. The receptionist at Weight Watchers does one on Monday mornings that I can probably get to and still get to work in time and she is a fellow runner and one of the people who got me interested in running. There is also one on Wednesday night at the gym by my work. So my grand plan at this point is to do the class twice a week and the running 4 days a week according to sacfit's schedule.

I'm also nervous because my weight loss is going so well right now and every time I do something different my body overreacts and holds on to weight and my losses slow down, but I know it is something I need to do, I know it will be good for me and make me a toner, stronger, fitter person and will also help me stay injury free and hopefully speed up my metabolism!

We will see how it all goes!


Sarah said...

This time around I was similar, I did really easy exercise for the first 3 mths, than I added running and mostly cardio. It was well over a year before I started to add in some more days of weight training, after that many people started to notice I lost weight.

I found it hard to initially start with weight training but I think its paying off well, have fun with it!

~Tammy said...

I soooo love weights. The problem is I just don't make myself a priority. I feel incredible after an intense lifting session. The next day when the recovery 'pains' set in, I get a little grin of satisfaction.

Good luck on finding a groove with weights. I know you've heard it all before, but it really does turn up the calorie burn as well as your metabolism.

Anonymous said...

I love love love weight training. IT makes me feel so capable and amazonian! I think that lifting is one of the biggest validators of my overall health and fitness level. I think a group exercise class IS THE PERFECT WAY to start it and I want to hear back about what you thought of it!