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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wish Me Luck!!!

So today after talking to one of the weight watchers receptionists who also runs (a lot faster than me...) I decided to register for the Nike Women's Half-Marathon in San Francisco. It is done by lottery so I won't know if I get in until the end of March, but if chosen I have commited to run it (and pay the 100 dollar fee!) once I get picked! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for both of us that we both get in, how exciting would it be to both get picked?!?!

Oh and at the end - Your finishers medal is a necklace designed by Tiffany and Co. and given to you by a firefighter dressed in a tux!


Sandy said...

Good luck!!!! Make sure someone takes a picture of your "prize" at the end, lol.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Just a fellow BLBE team member stoppping by to see how you're doing!

I could really lose your help - I've been selected as a finalist in a local Biggest Loser style competition and need your help by voting for me! You can vote daily up until the contest ends in August! I've already lost 90+ lbs, and have just 35 or more to go. I'm also in training for my first triathlon on July 12th!

Thanks for your all your help!

~Tammy said...

Oh drool to the firefighter in a tux! I really hope you and your WW friend get drawn.

Kud said...

Those pictures are AMAZING!! You have come so far and you are beautiful in both your before AND after pictures but you look so much healthier in your after picture!!!

Sarah said...

Oh, I hope you get picked to do the race that would be some finish line!