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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sac Fit Saturday!

Every Saturday just amazes me how well everyone in my pace group is doing. We did 7 1/4 miles today and it really went by so quickly! The weather was cold at first, but it ended up being beutiful with a slight breeze that felt good once we got running and warmed up. I was a little worried because I was having some tummy trouble, but it didn't affect my run at all. The group was very small today because there are a lot of people doing the shamrockin' half on Sunday and I plan on going out and cheer them on!! I will be missing my weigh in tomorrow, so there will no be new numbers for this week.

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Kud said...

Congrats!! A loss is a loss and 10 losses in a row is something to celebrate! thanks for reminding me that it's the little things that count!