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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sac Fit Saturday!

So I was nervous about todays run - not because of the mileage, but because of where we were running - I had my worst run ever at this spot. I thought I would never forget it, but today I put that behind me and I had an awesome run! We did just shy of 9 1/2 miles and it was so pretty out there today. It got a little hot towards the end, but it was a great run!

So I'm not so good at taking pictures while I run, I should have zoomed more on this - but way off in the distance there is a bridge that goes over the water (which is Lake Natoma) - it almost looks like the horizon line, but it is a bridge that we ran all th way to, under, kept going up the trail for another mile or so and then turned and came back!

Even if you can't tell there is a bridge way over there - this is the scenery that we had while we were running and you can tell it was a pretty amazing day weather wise.


~Tammy said...

That is a gorgeous spot for a run and I'm sure the picture does not do it justice.

Great job on overcoming the mental block of a bad run and kickin' it today.

Kud said...

9.5 miles. HOLY MACARONI!! That is stamina and you are clearly in "athlete territory". Good for you!!