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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weigh in!!

So I walk into my weight watchers meeting and my parents were sitting there! They had came to see me and support me. Unfortunatley I didn't have a huge loss to celebrate or anything, but it was cool to have them there. The scale says I stayed the same. I'm OK with that - I know during the long run yesterday I didn't do the best job of balancing water in with water out with it beoing so warm. I felt very dry this morning and I knew my body would react by holding on for dear life to everything possible. I'm very thankful I'm not up!


Sugar Bush Primitives said...

How sweet that your parents were there to cheer you on! You have come so far.


Sarah said...

That is really nice that your parents were there to support you, its so wonderful :)

Ida said...

You have very cool parents to come and support you like that. Too bad you didn't have a big loss, but at least you didn't have a gain!