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Thursday, January 1, 2009

New year - Time to renew my efforts!!!

So I have been having a rough few of weeks (that really turned into a rough month) with lots of emotional eating - LOTS of bad habits coming back - and of course weight gained. I'm not really making a New Years resolution, but I'm getting back on track - I will start today and earn some activity points - I will get back on track with my food, journaling and points counting. I will stop feeling so sorry for myself and start treating myself the way I should be - Like I'm worth it! I will stop turning to food when I'm sad, depressed, hormonal (sorry guys!), anxious or just bored.

I will also have an extra buddy along the way - a lady at work came to me and wants help losing some weight! She needs to do something and she recognizes that and she wants my help! We will be there for each other and I think it will be good! I'm inspired by my friend Tammy who is going to get out there and get active again and I'm so proud of her!! Plus she has the *Cutest* workout stuff ever!! I'm inspired my future daughter-in-law Jess - she looked so great on Christmas! So trim and fit! I'm inspired by a friend at my sons school - she made lifetime a little while ago and while talking to her I realized I don't have to do this quickly (well I have missed that already) but I can do this slowly, get to my goal and be where I want to be in time. She has also convinced me I'm - get this.... NORMAL! I also need to stop bringing the bad food habits home - hubby is struggling as well and I know a lot of it is my fault for asking him to make things and buy things that shouldn't be bought or made.

So Happy New Year!! Time for reflection, starting over and renewing commitments!!


~Tammy said...

Oh honey! You made me cry! Thank you for making me feel proud of myself. Seeing me through your eyes is a wonderful feeing!

Great entry and perspective about getting where you need to go. It isn't a race to get where we want to be, but really a journey. This being a journey is something I've always viewed this weight loss challenge as. If you didn't have the ups and downs we all experience I don't think we would appreciate the victory. When you work so hard for something and achieve it you not only win the battle of overcoming the challenges, but knowing inside yourself you did it.

You are going to do this! I have all the faith in the world in you!

Big hugs!

Kristi said...

I am so proud of you! It is definitely not a race and you are doing such an amazing job making a realistic lifestyle change. It ebbs and flows and you have definitely hit a rough a lot of December. Now we are back on it! WE ARE GOING TO ROCK!

Anonymous said...

I just posted a blog that says almost the same thing! The New Year is a great fresh start! Good luck this year and if you ever want to go on a bike ride, I am game! :D


Megan said...

Happy New Year!