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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sac Fit Saturday!

So today was a short run of only 5 miles. I can not believe that I will be running yet another half marathon in a week! I also can not believe that my season will be over after that run. The official end to the season isn't until Dec 7th at CIM - but I will be on vacation so I won't be taking part in that race this year. Next Saturday is my last goal race for this season.

Anyway - the run went OK - I ate things I should not have on Friday night and I didn't get enough sleep thanks to a very talkative 8 year old who talks to you whether you are awake or not. Those two things I will not repeat next week!

After the run the red group coaches all had brought breakfast fixings and we had a little buffet breakfast - it was so good and everyone was so generous!! We even had chocolate! Do the coaches know us or what?!?!?

The organizer has been asking around for people to be pace assistants next season and I have decided to take the challenge and sign up! I'm really excited to be giving back to the group that has given me so much! I'm very excited about possibly doing this and I need to master my Garmin and all of its functions and I need to try and maintain a consistent pace, but I feel with a little discipline I can do this. I can't wait to cheer others on and help them meet their goals.


Megan said...

What is a pace assistant?

Bre said...

A Pace assistant is a person who keeps you from running too fast or two slow. Based on calculations done at the beggining of the season, your are told what pace you should run to keep from getting hurt, to keep you running for longer periods of time and to keep everything else the way it should be. You are then put in a pace group according to your pace and the assistant will keep the pace and also cheer you on as you wind your way through the season, encourage you and celebrate with you.

Megan said...

Gotcha! Thanks for the explanation!