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Saturday, November 1, 2008

A great and profitable Halloween!

So hubby entered the pumpkin carving contest at work and this was his entry. He won a 25 dollar gift card for Gas and also won the halloween trivia contest for another 25 dollar gift card for gas.

On the way home he called me and sarcastiacally asked me what I had won today - well obviously nothing right? I have a long drive home and during the drive they started a "count the music" contest on the country station I listen to and I'm thinking well if they only play a few songs before ending it then I might have a chance. So they stop the clock after 4 songs and tehy ask for caller 25 and I dial and dial and dial and it rings - I'm the right caller and I knew they played 4 songs! I got 25 dollars for each song in the form of a mall gift certificate. So I have to tell my huuby he needed to repeat his question!

Logan was sick and didn't go to school and we only took him out too about 5 houses before it started raining again, but here is Logan in his costume!!


Vicki said...

Great pumpkin. Congrats to hubby on his win. and LOL that you were able to win something on your way home. Guess you showed him. LOL Logan looks great in his costume. I'm sorry he wasn't feeling well, though.

Velda said...

Wow cool pumpkin!!! Great minds all all that lol lol...

Congrats on your win too WOOOHOOO!!