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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Run the river Half Marathon - With Pictures!

Warning - I'm being brave and showing pictures that don't really show me at my best! Consider yourself warned!!

Here is my boy with his sign he worked really hard on. He was the first person I saw as I came around the corner towards the finish line - I heard my mom, she was yelling something and ringing a cowbell. Notice the people around him, dressed like they should have been for a race...

Here is me! Running across the finish line, really hot, my head was pounding and my legs were cramping really bad. Notice what I'm wearing - that would be a long sleeve shirt and long pants - I was prepared for it to be cooler and what the heck was I thinking wearing all black??

My dad so kindly took pictures of me in the medic tent. I only sat here for about 5 minutes. I just needed to catch my breath and let the leg cramps lessen a little, I had a nice cold chocolate milk and was told to walk around a bit to help the legs. The guy in the yellow jacket is Philmore - he is a coach with my running group and an all around great guy. He helped me from the chute to the medic tent. The lady in white was giving me my medal!

I was so through having pictures taken of me (the last three were taken within about 10 minutes of each other) and I had taken off my hat so my hair was out there - but this pic shows my angel pin my parents gave me and the necklace my hubby gave me. The necklace is a journey heart which represents the many journeys that we have in life. I will take a good picture of my medal and of my necklace and post it in a couple of days.


Vicki said...

You look great, Bre!! Congrats on running and finishing the half marathon. I am so in awe of you.

Btw, I tagged you on my blog. ;)

Megan said...

Congratulations! :)

Matt said...

i'm glad i was able to be there!