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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sac Fit Saturday - AKA playing in the rain!

So on the menu for Saturday was 8 miles - I have not ran in two weeks due to some minor medical issues that I didn't want to make worse, so I was a little worried, but I kicked butt! Oh and did I mention it was raining? My very first run in the rain. Until mile 6 it was actually only misting and I even got hot with all the layers I had on - so I started taking layers off and even my hat came off (I love my new short haircut is looks great even when wet!) So about the time I got back to a comfortable temperature the skies opened up and I was too lazy to start putting the layers back on and I *only* had 2 more miles to go. I was so wet! I did eventally get my headband back on, but not because I got cold, it was to keep the rain from dripping off my forehead into my eyes. Back where we started we were greated with hot chocolate and tents to stay under. I had a great run! I felt great (and wet), several people told me I looked great (and wet) and I finished right on training pace (I think my pace got wet too). I would definatly run in the rain again, I think I rather liked it!!

Oh and passing us going the other way was people doing a 50 miler! Those people amaze me. They had bib numbers on and I passed one of their aid stations. It was marked "Only 26.9 miles to go!" Wow!!


~Tammy said...

WOOHOO! Love your attitude!

mom2manyblessings said...

Running in the rain sounds like fun. Glad you had such a good run. Oh my on the 50 milers. I couldn't even imagine seeing a sign saying only 26.9 miles to go and feeling good about it. LOL

Matt said...

Running in the rain sounds kind of crazy, but I guess you won't get quite as hot that way... The rain wasn't quite as good for us. A pipe burst in the warehouse and the whole store flooded, about an inch of water...See you on the 15th!