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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Week 44 Weigh In!!

I did it!! I'm now down 50 pounds!!! 50.3 to be exact! This is a busy weekend for us, my hubby plays in a band and we are at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee all weekend, but I made sure I got to my weigh in. I got a 50 pound medal from weight watchers and they did a celebration in the meeting. The most special thing though was my family being there. I got to tell everyone how wonderful and special my hubby is and how he is so supportive and that I couldn't have gotten to where I am without him.

During the week I was having a really rough time and he sent me an email. The first line was - "Don't forget that what you have already accomplished is extraordinary." I think this is something I will keep with me always.

Oh and the guys in the band were so cute, most of them would look at me and said "you changed your hair right?" A few of them know I'm on weight watchers, but it so cute to see the guys want to say something but not know how to! I have not seen them since December.

Oh and when I mentioned to my group that my hubby has also lost 30 + pounds the leader gave him a 25 pound medal.

It has been such a wonderful weekend! We are going back to the Jazz fest today and know I'm going to have a wonderful time. I have made some connections with some things and my weight loss and I will share them once the weekend is over, I want to have the time to sit down and write out my feelings and observations.


~Tammy said...

OMG that is awesome! Congratulations to you on your success and hardwork!

Your meeting leader sounds great. Kudos to her for sending your DH a medal too!

~V said...

I'm so proud of you Bre, way to go!

xsquared said...

WOO HOO! Congratulations!