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Monday, May 26, 2008

Thoughts and Observations on my Weight Loss...

Just a few observations and thoughts...

First - I used to be a person that HATED the heat. I didn't like heat at all I didn't tolerate it and I would stay inside if I could help it and not go out all summer! My first long walk/run outside was on a day when the temp was 100+ and I did very well. I didn't realized how well until a week later I was talking to others about it and they asked me if the heat bothered me and I had to tell then, no it didn't. I guess all that fat I had turned me into a big human oven! Now losing part of it has made me tolerated the heat better and made my bodys cooling system more efficient.

Second - I have finally been able to take compliments from people who comment on my weight loss without saying either "its no big deal" or "I still have a long way to go" I can now simply say thank you very much and be proud of what I have done.

Third - my body loves to exercise and my body loves to stretch - my body does not like it when I am very active and I don't stretch afterwards. I walked a lot during the jazz festival and I should have stretched after, but I didn't and I had various aches and pains in my hips, knees and legs all the next day.

Fourth - Fleet Feet is my new favorite store!

Fifth - I can take a cheat day and not feel guilty about it anymore.

Sixth - My feet and ankles are very happy I'm lighter.

Seventh - Since getting a new bra that fits (got fitted at Nordstroms and got a size that fits me perfect!) my "shelf" that used to catch food while I eat has been empty! (sorry - I had to include this!! I'm very proud!!)

Here is to losing the next 50 pounds!!!! Thanks everyone for joining me on the journey of mine!!

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~Tammy said...

You have every right to be proud! I'm so proud of you. This post alone shows how far you've come physically, but more importantly mentally!

Keep up the super work you've been doing. I love reading about your journey!