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Sunday, May 11, 2008

More 5K training chat!!

Saturday I learned that my treadmill shuts itself off after 100 minutes! I did 3 minutes running, 7 minutes walking and I had 6 sessions of running and made it through all of them! Then I was watching TV and just stayed on and walked for a total of 5+ miles, but at the 100 minute mark the treadmill turned off, I took that as my cue to stop. I then stretched and it felt so good!!! I'm really proud of myself! Sunday or Monday I have to do those darn 5 minutes intervals again, I'm really hoping I can make it through this time!!!

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~Tammy said...

Congratulations to you.

I need to start increasing my running time to my intervals. I'm not pushing myself past my 5/1's It has to change!