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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Week 35 Weigh In!

I lost .2 this week! I'm down 41.5 pounds now. I didn't realize when I joined weight watchers that the journey would be so emotional and life changing. I can feel myself changing in all aspects and it is all happening so fast, sometimes I just have to take a step back and evaluate things. It's hard to put into words what I'm feeling, but sometimes I am very uncomfortable with all the attention I'm getting. On the plus side, I got a new heart rate monitor for my workouts and it does so much! I have spent the morning playing with it and I love it! (Thanks hubby!!) It tells me how hard I'm working, how many calories I have burned and lots of other things I haven't figured out yet! I was able to change the logo on the fron of it and it says "You go Girl!" on it now! LOL!! I can also download the info to their website and it will tell me my averages and totals. So nice to have a built in diary for my workouts now!

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~Tammy said...

It really is a journey the life changes faced when losing weight. The important thing, I think, is letting your mind catch up with your body. Your body will change so much faster than your mind will absorb the different looking you.

Congratulations on your new 'toy'. I'm lusting after a Garmin something or other to track my distances. Oh ya, I have no distances lately!