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Sunday, December 27, 2009

A quick weigh in post!

I gained this week - 2.4 pounds to be exact - but like my future Daughter in law says - it is all Macaroni and Cheese - I can not resist my moms homemade mac and cheese. There was other things for Christmas dinner, but I didn't have much of anything else! Mainly Mac and Cheese! It was a rough week food wise and an even rougher week workout wise. I still need to get into my grove with the new activities and I also depended too much on getting activity on Saturday and my bike ride I had planned ended up not working out because I found I don't have the right things to wear for cold weather biking! My bike ride was supposed to be around 2 hours and it ended up being 30 minutes! This week will be much better and I will get some of this gain back off! It puts my weight at 166 and that is exactly 2 pounds above my goal and I'm not happy with that at all! I also don't much like the way my body feels right now. I'm very sluggish, my tummy isn't very happy and I feel dehydrated.


Anonymous said...

But wasn't the mac n cheese worth it? I think so! I magically lost weight this week...I think my scale is lying!

Sweety On A Diet said...

I'm also up:-(

Stephanie said...

Ha, mac and cheese will get you every time! I don't even try to make a 'healthy' version of it because I know I'll devour it either way.
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