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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weigh In and SacFit Saturday - all in one post!

So I stopped by WW and weighed in before the run on Saturday and I stayed the same so I didn't really think it deserved it own post anyway - so I'm the same as I was last week and I'm fine with that - with the higher mileage I'm putting in I'm still eating healthy and such, but not obsessing about everything and making sure my body still gets what it needs to do what I want it to do.

So on the schedule for those of us training for a full marathon was an 18 mile training run! I have been really focused on Nike San Francisco coming up (next week!!) so I don't know if that is why I wasn't really nervous about the 18 miler or if I have truly changed my mindset by breaking that 14 mile barrier and now I have to confidence to do it. Yes some runs are harder than others, but I have to tell you - this one was amazing!! I ran it slower and we also changed our intervals to 2 minutes running and one minute walking and I can't believe the difference it made. I didn't have to walk anymore than just our walk intervals (on the 16.5 miler I had walked a long hot section) and I came in strong and felt amazing! I started out with two people who were really cool to talk to and they kept me in check making sure I didn't run too fast and then after a stop to administer first aid to a team mate I went with another from our group who is normally faster, but she slowed down some and I ran 9.5 miles with her and she was so great to talk to and I had so much fun! The miles just flew by! I will tell you it does help to run with someone who has done the mileage already - they have the confidence that they can complete the mileage because they have. Two of the ladies I ran with has done a marathon before so it was so great getting their perspective!

I didn't get my normal nap after the run, we watched a movie and I just wanted to spend time with the family - so when I went to bed I slept so good and woke up this morning feeling great! My legs feel great, my body feels strong and my only issue is a slight headache, I hydrated great during the run (with a little help from my friends) but didn't drink that much after I got home, so today I will hydrate and start getting stuff ready for my trip to San Fransisco to run the Nike Women's Half!

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Heather said...

YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! The longest run I've ever been on was 6.2 miles. I bet you're so right about running with someone who has already been there and done that. I need a good distraction & a partner who will actually run slower with me would help. My husband goes too fast & I can't keep up. Then I have no one to run with. Boring. :(

PS...You have me so excited to start running again! It has been almost 5 weeks since I hurt my foot, and I'm mentally ready.....even though not sure I'm physically ready. I'm running just 1/2 mile tomorrow to see how I feel AFTER the fact. I don't hurt during. It's after that I pay the price.