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Monday, October 26, 2009

4 Bridges Half Marathon

No I didn't run a half marathon the day after my 20 miler, but I was there! I cheered on some of our group that was running and my boy did the Kid's Scary Scamper! We have been training him for the CIM Marafun Run that is 2.62 miles and on December 6th - part of what I have been training him to do is pace himself and he is doing much better than I did in the beginning! Once he completes the training program they have set up for us and the 2.62 miles he will have completed the cumulative mileage of a full marathon 26.2! He has a little watch that he uses to time himself and he is just too cute! So the scary scamper was 1 mile and here are a couple of Pics!
This was about the halfway point! Isn't he adorable with his bib number on??

Him at the finish - his finishing picture looks like most of mine - looking down and turning off the timer on the watch! They got to cross the same finish line as the half marathoners did!

Here he is with his official time 7:54:85!

After the run and seeing some people finish we went to the Folsom zoo and had a great time!


~Tammy said...

I love this entry!

Fat[free]Me said...

Not only are you a great inspiration, but now your son is too!