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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sacfit Saturday!

Today the plan was 11 miles! We had a little hiccup getting in the park - the gate was locked and it took them a while to get it unlocked so we ended up starting a tad late, but considering everything that had to be done the operation got underway quickly! I moved up a group today so I started out with the 13:30 which I have to say is a great group (plus my two weekday running partners are in that group as well)! We had the aid station again (yummmm Kit Kats and Payday Bars....) and then at the turnaround point I decided to try out the 13:00 group which is the group that my cooper test results tell me I should be in. I ran with them for about two miles and was really struggling to keep up and then I ran out of water. The next water fountain was one that didn't work so good and I nad to lean my bottle over so much to catch the water that I could only get the bottle about 1/4 full. The next fountain I filled my bottle and re-hydrated and started feeling a bit better. In the mean time I had dropped back to the 13:30s again and finished right behind them since I had to make the two stops to get water. Then a quick trip to stand in the river and ice the legs down and I was good! I'm sore today, but I know most of that was pushing it and trying to stay with the faster group even though within a 1/4 mile I knew I shouldn't.

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