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Saturday, August 8, 2009

SacFit Saturday!

This is the Skirt edition of sacfit saturday! On Friday I bought a running skirt - it is so pretty and I couldn't wait to wear it, so I ran my 10 miler today in it! I did great and the skirt did too! LOL!! I was the only coach for our pace group today and it was a small group, but I'm used to that. We all did very well and I felt great afterwards! The cutest thing was as I was passing the walkers on the way back in some of them would say to me "Hey you are Jeff's wife right?" Of course I would say yes and they would reply back with "He is right you do look good in that skirt!" Too funny - he never told me I looked good in it, but I guess he told lots of people on the trail! I could have also named it the self-esteem boosting run. I felt great out there today and lots of people told me I looked good and it just made me feel better! On a side note the before mentioned cooper test complete results are back and the suggested pace group for me is the 13 minute group! I'm super excited! A little over a year ago when I joined I ran with the 15:00 minute group and today I ran with the 14 minute group because that is what I had been running for the last four week, but next week I'm going to try the faster group and see how it agrees with me. I just have to make sure we have the coach coverage and I will start movin' on up!


mak'n Changes said...

Bre you are amazing! I love your posts, its truly one of my favorites! Oh hey, how dare you tell us of such a cute running skirt and not post pics? Now I have to move on with life never knowing what it looked like......ho hum......*wink*
Thanks for the inspiration!

Fat[free]Me said...

yeah, I want to see a picture - no idea what a running skirt is. A skirt that you run in? How odd!