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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sacfit Saturday or Breaking the Natoma Loop curse!

So for anyone interested here is a map of our route today!

Lake Natoma Loop

It was so pretty out there and had it not been so dang hot it would have been enjoyable at the end! Kidding - it was hot and I did have some trouble with the heat, but the body felt good and it was an awesome 12 miles!

I have broken the Natoma loop curse! The last time I ran the loop I got a small rock in my shoe and ran 7 miles with it in there causing much pain and swelling and I had to be brought in by car from the last aid station (1 1/2 miles from the finish). That is when I found out my shoes were not only a size too small - (who knew they had to be bigger because on long runs your feet swell??) but I was tying them too tight! (I didn't want then to fall off!). Conquering this run shows me how far I have come in a year. I'm wiser, I listen more to my body and what it needs, I take time off from running if I'm sick, and I am making better food choices and not starving myself anymore. I have one more run to conquer - the 14 miler! Both 14 milers in my first season a year ago went badly and I have yet to run anything over 14 miles - so I will beat back that beast next week!

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