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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So vacation was awesome!!! I had such a great time and it was so wonderful to share my birthday with my whole family. Mom and Dad were such troopers and went on everything we went on. They did turn in a little earlier than we did most nights but that was fine too, it gave them time to be alone too. I heard things that I never thought I would hear from my mom like "Hey lets go on tower of terror again!" and "I will ride splash mountain if your dad does!" We ate breakfast on the morning of my birthday at Goofy's kitchen and I met Aurora! Jeff and I had a romantic dinner at the Blue Bayou the night of my birthday. On Thursday we went into the park early and I was first in line to meet Tinkerbell (and Silvermist)! Can you tell a lot of the trip was all about me? I think everyone else had fun too! I have photographic proof that my mom rode everything we have pictures of Splash Mountain and Tower of Terror and some really great pictures of the whole family both at the Christmas tree at the Grand Californian Hotel and at the Meet and Greet with Chip and Dale at California Adventures.

On a side note - we usually go for a couple of days then take a day off to do nothing and recover and then go our remaining days - this time we did 5 days straight and I'm happy to say I noticed a HUGE difference in how my body held up. My feet and ankles didn't swell like they used to do, I didn't even slow down until the end of the last day there and I think that was more I was getting tired than my body was giving out. No blisters, no muscle cream, no anti-inflammatories and no wanting to ride the shuttle back to the hotel every night - we will walk!! Oh and yes I did get a run in on Thursday morning. I got up early, got dressed in my running stuff and ran down the street towards Disneyland, through the plaza in between the two parks,thorugh downtown Disney to the Disneyland hotel and around the grounds of the hotel and back to our hotel (2.25 Miles), it was so peaceful and amazing!!


~Tammy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday and so you should!

The Running Moron said...

Great way to spend your vacation and your birthday, which even included what sounds like a terrific run.

Now, welcome back to reality. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a great birthday! I wish I could have went with all of you. Maybe next time!