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Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Sunday Goal Update!

So again to recap my Goals for the week were...

Workout 4 days this week.
No eating out or splurging unless I have the points available.
100% tracking

I worked out 4 days! It was hard to get the workouts in this week due to an abnormal schedule for me and the Hubster was out of town most of the week so that brought challenges at home as well, but I did it! I hit the gym 3 days and then had our normal Sacfit Saturday workout to make it 4!

The second goal got a little messed up on Day 7 - I actually thought I had messed up on day 6 but when I came home and tracked what I had at the Mexican restaurant that we went to unexpectedly I was still within my points (thanks to the workouts!) Day 7 came along and I had a plan, but too much alcohol on a wine tasting/brewery tour and I lost track of lots of stuff. I am happy to say that I did track everything that day later on that evening, but, I ended the week over my points by quite a bit.

The result was this mornings weigh in I was up 3.1 pounds. I know part of that will come back off quickly but the question is how much? A high point day and alcohol the day before weighing in isn't good - I'm willing to bet I will be down some of that tomorrow, but I want to be consistent with my weigh in days so there it is...

I will continue those goals this week and see what happens!


Jessica said...

Don't beat yourself up too bad. Like you said, most of it will come off pretty quickly. You had fun that was well deserved which is what matters! :D Here's to a great week ahead!

Heather said...

Love the goals! Keep it up. Those 3 pesky pounds will go away quickly. :)

Thanks for talking me off the cliff with that snickers bar moment at walmart yesterday! lmao