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Monday, October 18, 2010

The last long one - before the longest one!

On Saturday Jeff, Ginny and I did 19 miles! It is our longest walk before our full marathon in a mere 3 weeks! I was concerned because the 16 miler didn't go well due to foot pain and I didn't get in the full 16 miles. However in the time between that mileage and Saturday I have become smarter.... I pay attention to how the tight calf and foot is feeling and I STOP and take the time to stretch along the way to work out the problems before they become too bad to continue - because failing on race day is not an option!!

We started out our walk at 6AM - yes it was still dark and was for at least 1/2 hour. It was also amazing out there - the wildlife you see just before dawn is amazing! 100's of bunnies, several deer and a really cute trail kitty that talked to us when we went by! In the dark you just have to look over with your light and they are right there next to you - they are not really that spooked by you and they just sit and stare back!

After 4.5 miles we met up with our group that started at 7:30 and two of the ladies in our group had brought food and water for us to refuel and we started out again with our group for their 8 mile walk. When we came back and filled water bottles and ate again we set back out for the remainder of our miles. I really like chopping it up like that, made them go by a little faster (if 5 1/2 hours of walking can seem fast....)

This has been the longest walk that the hubster has ever done and I'm so proud of him!! After a reward of a cupcake we went home and made lunch and spent the rest of the day relaxing! on Sunday I woke up expecting to still be sore, stiff or at least something... nothing - I felt great!!

The next two weeks is our taper - we do 10 miles next week as our long one and then the week after just 5! On November 7th we will be in Morgan Hill and I will be there every step of the way as my husband completes his first full marathon!!

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