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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Running Fairy Races!

I walked the Urban Cow Half Marathon on Sunday (My 7th Half Marathon - can you believe it??). I will in all honesty say that I got up the morning of the race and was half excited and half kinda feeling weird about it. I knew I was walking the race - there were no times to beat and it felt strange. One thing I did look forward to was coaching and pacing MJ to complete her first ever Half-Marathon! She did have a time goal in mind so it was our job to keep her on track and get her to the finish line. Her parents came from Oregon to see her and was at several places along the route with signs cheering her on. One thing they liked was they could always spot her coming - she was with The Running Fairy! Every time I got tired or sore or whatever all I had to do was think about MJ crossing the line with her parents there and how much crossing that line for the first time meant to me and I would get goosebumps and keep on moving!

As we made the turn into the park I was thinking very much about the first time I crossed that finish line. This race was my very first Half Marathon three years ago. I ran 3:1 intervals (meaning 3 minutes running and 1 minute walking) and I still remember crying like a baby before I even got to the finish line! As I looked at my time I realized that I had a good chance of beating that first time at this race - but this time I walked the 13 miles and ran only the last .1 over the finish line. Sure enough I did. My first Half marathon time was 3:23:12 and this years time is 3:23:06!

I was super excited about my time and then MJ was right behind me! I watched her cross the line and she cried - her parents were so proud of her - she was exhausted and emotional - I grabbed her medal and put it around her neck and we took pictures!

Here is our group! Ginny, MJ, The Hubster (Who beat his previous time by 7 minutes!) and The Running Fairy!What an amazing race and an amazing day!!

And the great thing is - In a month I get to do it all again - this time walking my second full marathon with my husband and seeing him cross the finish line of a full marathon for the first time!!

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