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Monday, November 1, 2010

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! (aka Sacfit Saturday!)

SacFit Saturday was a BLAST this weekend - the purple group had a great time! We decorated our tent and my hubby carved a pumpkin with our our running groups name in it - pretty cool and it was a huge hit with everyone!Some people even came in costume and I have to show you what one of my pace group members did!
This is MJ - and she came dressed as me! Isn't that just the coolest thing ever!?! She just cracks me up! I loved it MJ!!

After our mileage we had our annual family breakfast and we were treated to pancakes, sausage, fruit and hot chocolate! It was a very nice treat after all the hard work we had put in and it was neat to meet other team members families!

On a side note - Saturday was all about getting our last workout in before Four of the team members go to Morgan Hill on the 7th and complete our full marathon! We did 5 easy miles (well 2 of us did) my hubby is nursing a shin splint and will do a couple of short workouts this week per doctors orders and one other did her mileage on Sunday morning. We are so ready for this now! We have trained and got in the mileage and know what to do - it is just the matter of putting everything into play on race day and keeping our fingers crossed everything goes well!

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MJ said...

Sabrina- I LOVE your blog. And I'm glad you liked my halloween costume. Who else could i possibly dress up as for a Halloween SacFIT training!?!?
You'll do GREAT on Sunday- I can't wait to hear about it.