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Saturday, July 10, 2010

SacFit Saturday!

It's been a bit since I have posted a Sacfit Saturday post - mainly because I have been so busy! So the new season started several weeks ago and I have been on the move! The first two weeks I went with the gold group 12:30's. I had signed on to be the assistant coach for them, but after a couple of weeks I could tell that something was not quite right. I have had some tightness in one of my calves for sometime and it was only getting worse. I knew after last weeks run that I had to step down and go with a slightly slower group - which I thought I would be OK in the 13:00 Red group. In the red group we do 3 and 1 intervals instead of 4 and 1 and I thought that would make a difference, but then on the way to the run this morning my bad ankle started bothering me and I took that as a sign that I'm not going to push it - I'm going to listen to my body. I go out with the red group and after a little over 2 miles my calf is tight and my other ankle hurts....

I turn around and walk back - end up doing a little over 5 miles total and decide that I really need to listen to what my body is telling me and take a break from running. I'm still going to be out there - I'm going to walk with the purple group (an amazing supportive group of individuals!) and the hubster and I have found a marathon that we can do together - Morgan Hill has a marathon where the time limit is 7 1/2 hours so that will be his first full marathon and I get the privilege of being with him every step of the way (as long as I don't slow him down!)

I'm very excited about what the season holds for me - I was really worried about doing a marathon with such a short time cut off and now I don't have that worry and I get to see my hubby finish a marathon and payback all the support he gave me during my first full marathon!


Miz said...

I can not cheer you on enough about listening to your bod and even just entertaining the notion of a running break.

Im a big believer in reading consulting listening to all the experts out there but in the end realizing WE are the experts of our own bodies.

xo xo


Melissa @MelGetsFit said...

Just stopping by to say hello. I had your blog bookmarked in the past and lot it somewhere along the way. Thankfully, Heather shared about you on her blog today and I found my way back again. :)

Ali said...

Wow! I am just amazed and inspired at everything you have accomplished! Your weight loss is phenomenal! Glad Heather posted a link so now I can follow you!