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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Quick Weigh In Post!

On Sunday I was able to weigh in within my goal weight at WW! I was so happy!!! - I worked hard to get there this month and I'm going to work equally hard to not let myself creep up that high again! So I'm at 7 months of Maintenance - almost 8!

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JD in Ireland said...

Fantastic, brilliant bit of news, Bre! Well done you! Your blog continually inspires and motivates me. I got to Goal back in December 2008, but a few pounds (8, to be exact) have somehow (LOL) crept back on, so I'm always on the search for inspiration and motivation. Your blog, as well as Lyn's Escape from Obesity, and Roni's Weigh and Diana's Weight Loss Journey as well as the amazing A Deliberate Life, have all been a great help to me.

Thanks to all of you, I know I'm going to return to (or get just under) my original Goal weight by the time the first signs of autumn.