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Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend in review!

What a busy weekend! Saturday I stopped by for a quick weigh in to get my April sticker on my lifetime bookmark - since I only have to officially weigh in once a month. I couldn't attend a meeting this weekend due to my Sunday activity. Then I went out with my sacfit running buddies and we waited to start our run until our fearless leader came by on the trail - when he passed us he was on roughly mile 8 of his 50 mile race! He looked great and I heard that he finished and did well! We started our 8 mile run and my asthma got the best of me at around mile 4.5 - I had to stop and take my inhaler and get things under control. The good part though is once the meds kicked in I was able to resume my run and just ended up running alone on the way back - not really a big deal, but it was kinda lonely.

Sunday we got up and went to the Zoo Zoom 5/10K race - My hubby, Oldest son and future daughter in law was running it and I was the cheering section along with my younger son who pretty much spent most of the race bored out of his mind. It was so weird being at a race that I wasn't running in! I'm happy to report they all did well!

After the race we walked around the zoo for a bit and looked at the animals and then we went out to lunch and then back home. I spent the rest of Sunday in bed, I ate too much of the wrong type of foods (too much fried and greasy) and had a tummy ache. I feel much better today - but I sure can't eat like that all the time but I used to and I'm not sure how I survived!

This morning I was supposed to do my swim class but it was raining and I didn't want to get up super early and drive over 45 minutes to find out that they had canceled the class - there were also forecasting thunder showers - so I will get Wednesday's class in I hope! I hadn't planned on the rain!


Ewa said...

The rain we had in Bay Area yesterday was very, very heavy. We drove to San Francisco from San Jose. I have never seen so many accidents in one day. Three (3) were rollovers. Today does not look much better.
Hope you can get to your swim class on Wednesday.

Jessica said...

I felt the same way after the fried food! My body doesn't like it anymore, which is a good change! It doesn't really like beef anymore either. Thanks for being our cheering section in the cold! I had fun!

Susie said...

as a runner and healthy eater sometimes I have my bad days of eating unhealthy and my body just doesn't like it anymore, It's funny how much I used to love eating and now I actually care about what goes into my body. Good Job you are amazing!!

Minnesota Mami said...

That will be the day when I can run 8 miles non-stop! Still working on getting a 5K done... :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for motivating me to get back to running. God Bless you.