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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sacfit Saturday and Sunday Shopping!

So on Saturday we ran our taper run of 5 miles - it went great! I ran in the almost new shoes and they felt wonderful - I don't think I'm going to have any trouble with them at all for the Half-Marathon next weekend. My goal for the half is a personal record time of under 2:56. I will be happy with 2:55:59 honestly. I have lots of friends running this race - most of our running group - several peeps from Weight Watchers and most importantly my future daughter in law will run and complete her first half marathon! It promises to be a great day!!

Sunday we went shopping for my dress to wear to the wedding and found a great one! The best part ever? It is a size 12! I would have never had tried on that size if it wasn't for Jess - my future daughter - she brought me that size after the 14 I had on had extra room where it should not have! I also got a great pair of shorts from the Gap (a store I could never shop in when I was at my heaviest) and they are a size 8 and I got a nice pair of pants in a size 10 for only 9 bucks! Shopping is really cool now that I can pretty much go anywhere and buy pretty much anything! I really need to get out there more and explore the malls!


Jessica said...

Woo! That dress was great and congrats on size 8 shorts, even if they are GAP size 8! :D

Ewa said...

Congrats on lowering your clothes sizes numbers. With that in mind I am sure you will lower you HM times too.

Anonymous said...

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