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Saturday, April 3, 2010

A week of too little activity and too much food!

Just so you know I'm human and have my days and weeks I'm posting this in all it's glory! Last Sunday was my nice bike ride and then Monday was a nice brisk walk at work in the wrong shoes and socks that caused blisters on my heels, then I was worried about running because I didn't want to make the blisters worse and then I started feeling run down and tired and it turns out I was getting sick. So this week was filled with too many dinners out because I was tired and cranky after work and didn't want to eat at home and no activity. I'm ending this week in the hole by around 65 points (yes I still tracked everything...) Sacfit would have been a 12 mile run, but last night I was running a fever and congested and decided to sleep in and not run (very hard decision for me). I have stepped on the scale and I'm still within my goal weight - thank goodness for maintenance! Sunday is the start of a new week and I plan on getting back on track - but still listening to my body and giving it what it needs to get better and finding the right balance of training for the half marathon and the tri. I took a training schedule and merged my running schedule with it and I think it might have been a little much and I might possibly be over training. Time to re-evaluate!

On a side note - Starting on Monday for the next 4 weeks I'm going to attempt to get to a Performance swim class in the morning twice a week - they will be able to take a look at how I'm swimming and give me pointers and such. I can only do it this month because my younger son is out of school (year round schools here) and so that frees up my morning schedule. I figured I would shoot for twice a week, but if I can only do it once a week it is better than nothing!

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Jessica said...

Everyone needs a break once in a while, including you! I am glad that you are making good decisions. It is better to be able to continue on later than to push now and not be able to! You will get back to it soon and be successful because you always are! Have fun with that swim class! I wish I had a place to swim, then maybe I could train for a tri too!