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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tweaking the Workout Schedule!

I am going to try something that I have been considering doing for quite a while now - I'm going to try and get my workouts done in the morning. Logan's school schedule and my work schedule means I can not go to the gym before work, but since I can run at home and ride the bike on the trainer at home I can do both those things before he even gets up in the morning. When I get off from work it is dark still so I can't run on the trail like I want to anyway and riding the bike outside is also out of the question for the same reason. I will do my running and my bike at home and on Wednesday night I will go and swim after work. The rest of the week I will be free to come home after work and actually eat at a descent hour and spend some time with my family (I don't even get off work until 6PM - getting me home at 6:45 if I go straight home and almost 8-8:30 if I workout after work) It will mean getting up earlier, but if I can pull this off it will be good for my family. I'm not good with change but the way I see it, I had to put some pretty drastic changes into place to get me to my 100 pound weight loss, my fitness level as it is and for me to complete a marathon so this is just one more change I hope I will adapt to quickly! Wish me luck!


Ewa said...

Look at your weight loss!!! Congratulations! I am a big loser too and for a very long time the only free time I had to exercise were mornings, like 4:30am. I actually enjoyed running at that time. All was quiet and peaceful. Only during the summer birds would start waking up and chirping.

Jessica said...

Good luck! I really want to start doing some weight training stuff in the mornings, but I love my snooze button too much! You will do great, I know it!

BEE said...

good luck i do the same thing and i think its easier

~Tammy said...

The first couple of days are going to be tough. It is out of your comfort zone. I think once you get a schedule worked out you'll really like the early morning work outs. Just think how good it is going to feel as you're heading to work knowing you've accomplished your work out goals for the day. Exciting!

I can't wait to see how this works out for you.