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Saturday, January 30, 2010

An overdue Lifetime/100 pound party post!

On January 10th - I hit 100 pounds lost - so the next week my leader threw me a 100 pound party - which would also be the day I would celebrate making lifetime! My leader asked people to bring in 100 things to give to me. One person brought me 100 viola seeds and a beautiful card. Another brought me Noodles because I should I could use my noodle through my journey and Rubber band because I have "stretched and stretched" and also because I was always able to bounce back to weight watchers no matter what happens. Another brought me a 100 piece puzzle because I put my life back together one piece/pound at a time and it is a Lightning McQueen puzzle because I have stayed on track (so clever!!)! I also got a baggie of cheerios and a baggie of marshmallows. Also in this pictures is my lifetime key and my lifetime card! With everything that had happened since the first of the year I was very emotional.

My hubby got up and talked about how my weight loss has not only changed me physically, but every aspect of my life had been changed. He saw a very strong person at the hospital and sees a very different person than I used to be on a daily basis. He gave me this beautiful necklace.
I have had some pretty hard times lately - my wonderful hubby summed it up in an email to me one particularly rough day when I was wondering how to get myself out of this funk I have been in.
He wrote "Up until now you have had goals - a marathon, Nike, hitting your WW goal, hitting 100lbs lost and making lifetime. You reached all of those goals within a few months and in the midst of that you had an unexpected life changing event that made all of your goal seem trivial. Now you are feeling guilty for having those "trivial" goals when something devastating was narrowly avoided in the middle of achieving those goals.

You need to realize that what happened to Matt was completely out of your control and accept that. As far as we know it was out of everyone's control including Matt's. The best we can do is learn from this and be thankful he was in such good hands at Kaiser.

Now you need to set some new goals and use Matt's recovery as a springboard instead of a shackle."
So I have committed to three things - one that I have already experienced and two that I have not. One - I am registered for the Parkway Half Marathon (May 1) - it is our running groups goal race - May 1. Two - I have committed to running with the gold 12:30 group which is a faster pace than I ran last season. Three - and this is the biggie - I have registered for a Sprint Triathlon (June 5th)- I know I can do the run, I'm pretty sure I can do the bike, but unsure on the swim portion and not sure if I can do them all back to back! This is very much out of my comfort zone (especially being seen in public in a swim suit!) but I think it will give me the focus that I need right now. Official triathalon training starts the week of February 15th and I will just work in my run days in the training schedule to keep me on track for the half marathon.


Ida said...

I think it is time you post another picture. Congratulations on the 100 lb loss! That is amazing. Also congratulations on achieving your lifetime goal. You will make the other goals you have set, because that is what you do; reach your goals.

candlerun (htabby) said...

Congrats on a job well done! :0)

The 100 things was a very neat idea...

Jessica said...

You will reach all of your goals because you always do! You are such an inspiration! And I agree with Ida, another picture is in order after reaching lifetime!

~Tammy said...

Congrats hon. I'm so proud of you. I sit here at work with tears!

You deserve every wonderful thing and more that has happened to you since you've started this journey. You've worked hard and the pay off is well deserved.

Your husband's words are wise - heed his advice.

Big hugs!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like such a wonderful ceremony! I'd love to see a new picture. Well done!

Heather said...

You. Are. Amazing! :)

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