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Friday, January 22, 2010

Another update on my older boy!

First I must say he is doing so well - last Friday at a recheck with his regular doctor he was told he could do without the oxygen at home and on Monday he is going back to work. The doctor again told him how lucky he was and gave his the pneumonia vaccine and basically a clean bill of health!

Secondly I'm so excited - I get to see him tomorrow! He is coming out to Sacfit with Jess (His finacee) to see what we do and to meet a few of my friends that came by to see him at the hospital even though they didn't know him. He is not a runner - he is more of a sit and watch type of person, but just the fact that I get to see him makes me happy!

And thirdly - I have a confession to make. I was a rock through all this - I wanted to be strong for everyone else and I feel that I did and now that things are better - I'm a mess. I'm in a fog that I can't get rid of, things are different and that is pretty much the only way to explain it. I went to Weight Watchers and made lifetime on Sunday and have really struggled with lots of emotions - happy and not happy. I have neglected lots of things that are important to me - including my blog and my workouts and I know I just need to get back on the horse, but how do I do that when things are different? This may not make much sense, but it is the only way I know to explain it. I appreciate, more than you know, the love and support I have from everyone!


Syl said...

So glad he's feeling better.
And congrats on the life time, that's such a big accomplishment, you have every right to be emotional you have been through alot.

Bre you are such and inspiration, congrats on all your achievements!

Anonymous said...

Don't be afraid to break down and lose it a little bit. The people in your life will be strong for you when you need them. I am glad I'll get to meet him again tomorrow and say "hi, I'm that crazy girl who came in your room that you didn't know. :P"

Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

I think your reaction is totally normal. You were a rock because you had to be. Now, you can let loose and feel the feelings. That was a really scary thing, so I think it's only natural that you feel that way! So, so glad he's okay!!

Congrats on LIFETIME! Be happy!! You have worked so hard and deserve it!

Gee Gee said...

Sabrina: So glad your son is doing better...what a wonderful thing. All your emotions are so normal and my best advice is you need to focus on a goal to pull you out of your slump... hmmm maybe a triathalon :)

~Tammy said...

This may be best to be sent through e-mail, but this where it's going for now.

First off, you've been through hell and back in a very short period of time.

Your son was sitting at death's door. No pretty way to phrase that - sorry (hugs)!

Very quickly after that experience, you've achieved something that meant a lot to you and something you've worked very hard to achieve. You were happy with that achievement and justifiably so! You deserve every bit of that happiness and the pride that goes along with it.

You've been on an emotional roller coaster to say the least. It is completly normal to be feeling out of sorts.

Your blog will be fine. You didn't neglect it. You were living life, experiencing the scary and the good. We are here for you sitting inside this computer and outside of it while you do what you need to do to get from day to day. We are going nowhere!

Big big hugs!

msimpson said...

Bre - I agree with previous comments. What you express is normal after a life-changing event. Like Holly said, go lose it a bit! I like to find a nice, quiet, private spot and cry my eyes out. Then, the next step is set a goal.It might be a pace goal, a race goal, or something new, but set a goal and tell someone. We grow from events like you've just been through, but at first it is very foggy and disorienting. Very, very normal reaction.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you are feeling. Like others said, don't be afraid to lose it. Sometimes a good cry can make you feel so much better. I had one the other day and it was very cathartic. If you need to talk, call me any time. I am here for you.

karen mondino said...

Sabrina- you are my idol! Just saw the pics of before and after and you are magnificient in what you have accomplished. I have been kicking myself that its taken me almost a year to lose 30 lbs but then ,like you,I think of how much my life has changed and how much healthier I am.
Just give in to those emotions and let it out. You have all been thru a lot recently but now.....its look out 2010. Karen

Jessica said...

I have a google blog now! :D

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