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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Randomness from my mind today...

So this week was a very good week - I got back on track - I journaled 100% (even the two really bad meals we had in San Francisco to start the week off and the cupcake!), I worked out 4 times this week, I felt in control and in charge, and I was rewarded on the scale - I went from 176.8 to 170.0! I have to put this loss into perspective so I don't expect those same results every week. I went from doing very poorly to doing really awesome pretty much overnight. I worked very hard at all 4 of my workouts and made it through a Zumba class just for something different to shake things up. I made sure not to undereat - which is where I usually get into trouble - I used all of my flex points and almost all of the activity points that I earned this week.

I'm going out to breakfast with my mom on Monday and I have already planned out my meal that I'm having. I'm not having the worst thing on the menu - it is middle of the road and I'm going to use flex points and I feel comfortable doing that because I already have the rest of the week planned out.

I have set 3 goals for the rest of the month.

1 - 100% tracking - the good the bad and the ugly - everything goes into my tracker!
2 - Workout 4 days a week - I would like to do more, but I know that 4 days is fair and anything else is icing on the cupcake!
3 - No eating out or splurging unless I already have the points for it! - This is a big one, too many times I will eat something and end up trying to work harder towards the end of the week to work it off. I need to work it off first - no exceptions!

The hubster and I sat down and planned our meals for the week and I feel confident that this will be another awesome week! With every good decision I make I get that much closer to being back at my goal weight!


BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Good job!! What a great loss!

Heather said...

Go Bre! You can handle the Monday breakfast out with your mom. The more you practice picking things on the menu that aren't the "worst ones on the menu"...the easier it becomes to do so over and over again. You can do it!!! Text me if you feel like you're going off the deep end. :)

Heather said...

Oh....WOW on the loss, by the way. :)