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Sunday, August 22, 2010

A busy and full of activity weekend!

So I started the weekend with Sacfit - 6 miles at race rehearsal pace (which is a minute per mile faster than we normally go) It went really well and our group was a lot smaller than it has been, but everyone was still together when we came back! That is a big achievement since on the longer walks the group get really spread out! After Sacfit we ran some errands and and tried out a new restaurant - Sunflower Cafe - it is a vegetarian place and very good! The hubster and I both had burgers (they are famous for the "nut burger") and Logan had a quesadilla. After that we stopped by the local fire station and borrowed some life vests for Sunday's trip to the lake. Local fire stations here have a life vest loan out program that is really great since we don't go around the water all that much and really haven't found the need to invest in some, but it is nice to have a place you can pick them up and then not have to worry about being around the water. More errands, a trip to REI where I was so tired I took a seat in one of the chairs inside a tent and let my boys wander around and shop. Jeff got a Camelbak - I got mine about a week ago and have now used it twice and I love it!!

Sunday was a day for stepping out of our comfort zones and doing new things! We met up with The Folsom Trail Runners and they were doing pretty much whatever you wanted to do! We started the day with a trail run (my first!) and the trails were so pretty and shady - I can see how people love to run the trails! We then went out as two different groups - a group that wanted to road bike and a group that wanted to mountain bike the trails. I went out with the road bikers. We only did a short ride (I did 5 - the others took a long-cut and did 7 total) so we could get back to the great opportunity that one guy had set up for us.

A guy drove from Santa Cruz and brought out his stand up paddle boards! I had never tried them but had discussed with another Weight Watchers member that that was on her list of stuff to do now that she had lost her weight - I thought it sounded great and tucked it away for future reference - so when I found about this opportunity I couldn't pass it up! There were only two moments when I thought I was crazy - the first was going from me knees to standing up on the board, but once I was there I was fine and the second moment was after a boat passed and created a wake and kinda threw me off balance but I never fell off and loved it so much!! This is a picture of stand up paddle boarding from Shape magazine - they had an article on what a great workout it is. Just keeping yourself on the board works your abs, rear and legs and the paddling of course works yours arms and shoulders. It all felt very natural to me and I can't wait to do it again!! (Of course I was wearing more clothes than these very fit ladies are wearing...)
There are pictures of me on the paddle board taken by a friend, but she had to leave before I got back to shore and I'm sure I will get pics from her sometime this week. I will post some when I get them!

After we were done we hung out a little more at the lake and played in the water and just had a really good time - it was a wonderfully active and relaxing weekend if it is possible to have both at the same time!


Jessica said...

That looks like so much fun! I am definitely going out to Lake Natoma and giving it a try soon! :D Glad your weekend was so awesome!

Ewa said...

Nut burgers. Now that sounds interesting.
I have never done paddle boards. I wonder how long it would take me to spill. It looks like fun though as long as waters are calm.

KleinsteMotte said...

I learn new stuff every day. The board thing and life jackets from a fire department. WOW
Glad you had such a busy fun time.

kwpang said...

wow this blog of keeping track of your weight lost program is really amazing, i think it's a very good motivation too. great work!