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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Collage my Dad made me!

My dad made this picture for me out of some of my race pictures! I just love it. I especially love the fact that right there in black and white (well color really) it proof that I have slimmed down and lost inches during my training. Notice the picture in the top right corner - that is my most recent race pic and the one top center is the first race I ran. I can see the difference! Yay!! I'm on the countdown to the Half-marathon now! Only a few days and I'm already having the sleepless nights worrying about parking, getting there in time, not tripping over the starting line etc. etc. etc... - I actually had a dream last night that I got there late and missed everyone starting and had to catch up! LOL!! I know, I need help!!


~Tammy said...

That is incredible. You really have yourself surrounded by an awesome support group. You do all the work, but it must be incredible to have such a incredible supporting cast in your corner!

The Running Moron said...

That collage is really cool! Nice job on using running to help you get to where you want to go weight and fitness-wise. The results are definitely evident.

There's no stress like upcoming big race stress, is there? :-)

Vicki said...

What an awesome collage! How sweet of your dad to make that for you. And I know how inspiring it must be for you to be able to look at it and see the changes in yourself. How wonderful!