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Sunday, December 30, 2007

5 months since I changed my life!

I walked into weight watchers on July 31st and I never thought that I would be where I am now. I have gone from everyone at McDonalds knowing my name and my order to everyone at the gym knowing my name. I have gone from a size 24 jeans to a size 18. I am stronger now than I have ever been. I have so much more energy. I have been told by people in my meeting that I am their inspiration to keep it up. I have inspired a good friend to start working out again. As a family we are doing more together and doing more outside activities. I have lowered my blood pressure and I don't get migraines as often. I have an awareness of what I eat, how much I eat and how it affects my body. I hear frequently that weight watchers is not a diet, but a lifestyle change and I truly believe that.

Thanks to the two leaders who signed me up even though they were about to leave because they knew if I left without signing up I wouldn't be back.

Thanks to Lori who keeps me inspired and motivated and provides support every Monday.

Thanks to Jeff (my hubby) who cooks wonderful healthy meals and makes sure that I have the time to spend on myself. Love you!!

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~Tammy said...


Congratulations to you! You're doing an awesome job so far. How incredible it must feel to be an inspiration to others in the quest for healthier life.

Keep up the great work!