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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The road to recovery is paved with cupcakes!

I knew I was having surgery, I knew what they were doing and I still didn't expect to be so "down" to recover. Surgeons are a funny sort. They sound very optimistic and tell you that you will be "Up and around in no time." Well my "no-time" and his "no-time" is very different - as well as my "up and around" and his "up and around". In two weeks I have done very little physically and I'm still not 100% - I walked on Saturday but then paid the price and ended up puffy, swollen, exhausted and in bed the rest of the day.

My food was completely thrown off - I did OK most days, but when I over did it, I really over did it! I ate for comfort a lot!

I will do a weigh in on Sunday to asses the damage - that will give me time to get back to work tomorrow and get back into my routine. It will also give me time to work off a little bit of what I have already gained.

I really missed my routine and I even missed my healthy lunches and I'm looking forward to starting them back up tomorrow. I will not be hitting the gym again until next week (I hope!) to let my body get used to working again and see how that goes.

I asked my doctor when I was scheduled for surgery if I was going to be able to do the half marathon that I have already registered for on April 30th and he told me I should be able to, I might have to walk it instead of run it, so I am planning on walking it depending on how the rest of this week goes. One good thing is the race is on a Saturday and I will have the rest of the weekend to recover before the week starts over again!

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Jessica said...

I am glad you are doing better and good to hear you are walking the race. Should be a beautiful day! Have fun being back at work :D And don't worry about the weight gain (if you have one), your body needed to recover and you did what you needed to. See you Saturday!